We can provide high quality affordable food safety equipment from vacuum packing machines to digital probe thermometers.

It is essential to use quality equipment to show inspectors that you take food safety seriously. The last thing you want your staff to do is show the EHO or a food safety auditor a dirty cheap broken probe thermometer!

We can supply you with quality products at affordable prices including ThermaLite, SuperFast Thermapen, CaterTemp and Sous Vide.
We supply a wide range of temperature monitoring equipment, so if the item you're looking for isn't listed simply contact us and we'll get back to you to discuss your specific requirements.

Superfast Thermapen 4 Thermometer

Superfast Thermapen® 4 Thermometer

The Thermapen is the world's favourite kitchen thermometer.

ThermaData Logger

ThermaData Logger

The ThermaData data logger Mk1 is a cost effective, self-contained temperature data-logger or blind recording thermometer that is designed to record the temperature of the surrounding environment.